Amazonas Explorer

At Amazonas Explorer we use adventure to deepen your Peru experience and create holidays that you will still be talking about in years to come.

How we travel

Travel safely

Safety is our number one priority. You cannot have a good experience if you do not feel safe. Travel carries risk, the important thing is to be aware of that risk and to manage it.

Travel responsibly

Some people think travelling responsibly is a choice, we believe it is an obligation. If we destroy the places we travel, there will be nowhere left to travel.

Travel adventurously

Challenge yourself, go beyond the crowds, try something new. Yes, it will require effort,  but the rewards are huge, for this is when the magic happens.

Experience Peru with all your senses

Taste Peru

To eat in Peru is to journey from jungle to high mountain, from coast to desert. It is to know the people of Peru, to travel through a history of conquest and immigration and the influences they brought to the table.

Hear Peru

Open your ears and take in the sound of Peru. From the tones of Quechua language to the silence of open space,  from the lilt of the flute to squawks of Parakeets. Peru is a unique soundscape.

See Peru

Peru is visually stunning. The scale and variety of its landscapes is hard to match. The best views require you to leave the road behind. And they require you to take the time to stop and open your eyes.

Feel Peru

You cannot feel Peru from an air conditioned car. Step outside and feel the heat of the sun give way to the cold night air. Walk and feel the earth beneath your feet. Paddle and feel the force of flowing water. Bike and feel the contours of the Andes in your legs.

Is this the kind of adventure you want to have?

  • The rafting trip went very well. As you may know, neither Yvonne nor I had done white water rafting before so it was a new experience. Amazonas Explorer put one of their experienced helmsmen/guides (Juan Carlos) on the job. He was supported by the rescue canoeist, a driver and a cook. We had an interesting trip out to the Urubamba river, taking in several villages, each specializing in a different product. The rafting itself was very well organized, the safety drill thorough, the wet suit fitting and the rafting fun. The river is rather low at the moment but there was one spot where we got out and walked. Otherwise, the degree of difficulty was, we were told, Level 3. Juan Carlos zipped it up a bit further by dunking us at the front to get Yvonne giggling hysterically. All this is recorded on our GoPro which we positioned at the front/bow and then on Juan Carlos’ helmet. We had a break half way through, where to our surprise a snack was produced. At the end, we were treated to a lovely meal, so much so that cars were stopping by the roadside to ask if we were a pop-up restaurant. The scenery was stunning. We got back in the late afternoon. It was tiring while we were paddling but we soon recovered.
    Graham, one day rafting, September 2016
  • Carol,
    Now that we've returned, I wanted to let you know again just how much we enjoyed it.  I particularly want to let you know how impressed we were with the organization (including the timing of the first day start and the arrival at Machu Picchu which kept us away from the multitudes), the professionalism and excellent people skills of the guides and our wonderful crew who took such good care of us, fed us really well and clearly enjoy working for Amazonas Explorer.
    Janet, Inca Trail, May 20178
  • It sounds like they had the most amazing time in Peru and that their guide Efrain was a huge part in that so I wanted to pass on my thanks to yourselves and Efrain for looking after them so well! She could not speak more highly of Efrain and said she would not have made Km104 without him!  
    agent, UK, July 2017
  • Well we are back from Peru.   We had a fantastic trip!    I am so impressed with Amazonas Explorers.....they were 100% reliable, friendly, well equipped and well organized.   Our guide Jimmy  was so great....we did have him (and a cook, driver and other helper)  to ourselves for the biking, rafting, town tour and horseback tour.....though we didn't do horses because Dan was unwell so Jimmy (his driver,actually, with Jimmy) drove us to all the local sites and we walked through them, besides helping Dan with his digestive issues. He was so knowledgeable and friendly, spoke English well (and also Spanish and Quecha (?)...we couldn't absorb a quarter of all he told us about, it was so much.  Perfect guide in every way.
    The trek was awesome; harder than we expected (for me the uphills, for Dan the fear of heights did get to him sometimes), BUT, we persevered and did just fine.  Our companions were Brits that were about 30 years old; but the group did well together.  I am still amazed at the porters running up and down in their sandals with huge packs on their back.  And the rafting...Jimmy and Henry, in a kayak, were obviously VERY skilled; it was the most exciting whitewater I have ever done.  We ended up with the bike trip NOT to the salt mines; I'm not sure why, but the ride we had along the Urabamba was plenty interesting and wore us out anyway.  Maybe he looked at our age and decided the salt mine road was too much?  He didn't know yet how rugged we were<div class=
    Alice, Multisport September 2016