Amazonas Explorer

We believe taking people into nature helps them connect with the place, the people and themselves. We use adventure to create more fulfilling Peru travel experiences.

How we travel

Travel safely

Safety is our number one priority. You cannot have a good experience if you do not feel safe. Travel carries risk, the important thing is to be aware of that risk and to manage it.

Travel responsibly

Some people think travelling responsibly is a choice, we believe it is an obligation. If we destroy the places we travel, there will be nowhere left to travel.

Travel adventurously

Challenge yourself, go beyond the crowds, try something new. Yes, it will require effort,  but the rewards are huge, for this is when the magic happens.

Experience Peru with all your senses

Taste Peru

To eat in Peru is to journey from jungle to high mountain, from coast to desert. It is to know the people of Peru, to travel through a history of conquest and immigration and the influences they brought to the table.

Hear Peru

Open your ears and take in the sound of Peru. From the tones of Quechua language to the silence of open space,  from the lilt of the flute to squawks of Parakeets. Peru is a unique soundscape.

See Peru

Peru is visually stunning. The scale and variety of its landscapes is hard to match. The best views require you to leave the road behind. And they require you to take the time to stop and open your eyes.

Feel Peru

You cannot feel Peru from an air conditioned car. Step outside and feel the heat of the sun give way to the cold night air. Walk and feel the earth beneath your feet. Paddle and feel the force of flowing water. Bike and feel the contours of the Andes in your legs.

Is this the kind of adventure you want to have?

  • The scope of the service it’s as complete as it can be. You joined us from the very beginning of the activity (previous day chat) until the check-in in the last hotel. It’s helpful but not oppressing. The activity itself is unforgettable. Well balanced, not exhausting, never boring, and with enough content. Of course the incredible landscape plays its role!. The guide (Jaime) it’s perfect for the activity. Well prepared, with a wide range of conversation and explanations about the whole treck. Helpful, funny and familiar. Congratulations for that. So, in general, we would rate your service as excellent. Thank you, and wish you great success!
    Seth, KM104 Inca Trail, Dec 2016
  • Hi Matt,
    Just a quick note to say thanks for the trip and for waiting for me to get my insurance.
    The trek was incredible. The organisation was first class and the guides, chefs and horsemen all did a fantastic job. Loved every minute of it.
    Arthur, Choquequirao trek, June 2017
  • Oh my goodness Matt- it was fabulous. Perfect for New Year’s eve- very festive and special. Really , truly, this trip was one of our best travel experiences. Everything was perfectly planned and timed, Jimmy was great, and I didn’t have to do any leg work! (except walking!) I will most definitely recumbent you guys to anyone wanting to do this this trip- thanks again. Jen Portman
    Jen Portman, December 2016
  • Dear Paul, Carol and Maria,   We are home again after a great two week trip through Peru! Everything was organized perfectly even with the changes needed due to the strike!   We especially enjoyed having Efrain Valles as our guide as he connected with our kids in a very special way; he shows so much care and love for Peru and the Peruvian people!   So thank you for organizing a beautiful trip for us that will provide us and our kids with great life long memories! We will be back.   Friendly regards,   Margriet & family  
    Margriet van de Steeg, July 2017