Expert Testimonials

  • John Leivers, who worked with the adventure outfitter Amazonas Explorer convinced me to sign up for a five-day itinerary instead of the more popular four-day trip. I understood John's reasoning the next day when, after a relaxed afternoon of hiking along the Urubamba River, we arrived at the ruins of Patallacta. After a quick bath in the ice-cold stream, our Peruvian guide Efrain Valles led me into the ruins for a tour by flashlight. ....In the late afternoon, we approached a set of stone steps that vanished into the tropical greenery above. "You go first, Mark," Efrain said, suppressing a smile. "Let me know what you see up there. "At the top of the stairs the foliage parted and I turned left into a bright patch of sunlight. There I was greeted with a final surprise from the Inca geniuses who'd built this trail centuries before. Unfolding before me was a postcard come to life — the dazzling white stone city of Machu Picchu.
    Mark Adams
    Author of “Turn Right at Machu Picchu”
  • Just to say that everything went perfectly on our weekend trip to Llactapata, so thanks so much for arranging that - and the vodka was really appreciated!! Peter, the director, also commented on how smoothly it all went and how good the staff and food were. We were lucky with the weather, the solstice did exactly what it was supposed to do, and aren´t the views from there amazing? Will speak to you soon, but just wanted to write quickly to say thanks.
    Adrian Gallop
    National Geographic
  • Amazonas Explorer are an ideal travel company - committed, knowledgeable and adventurous - with whom I have often travelled and always been impressed.
    Hugh Thomson
    Author of “The White Rock”
  • If you want the best of Peru, these are the guys to go with. They love what they do and, if you want adventure, so will you. In my view, the best adventure company in Peru.
    Martha Holmes
    Wildlife producer
  • Paul Cripps and his team at Amazonas Explorer worked with us to set up our filming in different locations across Peru for the TV series ‘Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Challenge’. They were extremely thorough, efficient and professional and their knowledge of the country and ability to make things happen at short notice proved invaluable for ensuring a successful shoot.
    Alistair Smith
    TV Director “Robson Green Extreme Fishing”
    Channel 5
  • This is to extend my strongest recommendation, to those seeking a guide in Peru, for having Efrain Valles as a tour guide. Our group of 13 all had an outstanding experience in Arequipa, Puno, Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Each and every one of us was honored and grateful to have a guide who was thoughtful, cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. He is a true ambassador for the Andean culture and its relationship to nature, and communicated great enthusiasm for his work and for his nation.
    David Bingham
    Grandson of Hiram Bingham, discover of Machu Picchu
  • I’ve gone on two Amazonas Explorers trips and, as far as I’m concerned, they are the best trip organizers in Peru. One of the trips was the standard Inca trail hike, pulled off flawlessly; the other was taking inflatable kayaks on muleback to the headwaters of the Tuichi River in Madidi National Park in Bolivia, then kayaking for a week down to the river’s mouth. I’ve known the owner, Paul Cripps, for more than two decades—if he hasn’t personally hiked it, biked it, floated it or climbed it—then it probably simply can’t be done!
    Kim MacQuarrie
    author of The Last Days of the Incas

Client Testimonials

  • Hi Paul,
    We had a wonderful time mountain biking with Juan Carlos on Saturday. It was honestly the best mountain biking excursion I have ever been on. I would love doing that every day for the rest of my life!  I would love doing that every day for the rest of my life!
    Turney, July 2017
  • Hi Carol, Thank you so much for looking after our pax so well. They came back absolutely buzzing and said that Santiago and the guides were amazing and the way you looked after them was second to none.
    Jo- Raft the Urubamba, May 2017
  • Excellent itinerary. Just right. Very good organisation, all very smooth, impressed by your dedicated staff. Paolino´s cooking kept us happy and warm during the trekking, very impressive. We enjoyed the rafting trio ( Santiago, Neil and Victor)- great guys, hugely entertaining. Efrain was a truly outstanding guide. Absolutely passionate about the Incas, very knowledge and generally a wonderful person. The trek was harder than we though but very happy to have have been pushed. Every member of your team was fantastic, we can´think of how you could improve it. We had a fantastic time
    A+A, Family trip, August 2017
  • We both successfully managed the Inca trek, culminating with a return visit to Machu Picchu on the Day 5. The whole experience certainly lived up to our expectations. We had both done some training beforehand and we were glad we did because the trek is in parts quite strenuous, especially Day 3.  Everything was very well-organised. We were in the hands of Amazonas Explorer. Our guide (Edward) was very experienced. He knew the area very well and had led groups on more advanced treks in his time. He knew about the Incas, the trail, the surrounding mountains and forests, flora & fauna, history, economy and even a bit of politics. The crew was also amazing, being courteous and friendly, efficient & helpful, and made a major contribution to our overall enjoyment. We shall never forget the rush of the porters’ train as they passed us by on the trail as they pushed on to the next rendez-vous. The camps were good and well-positioned. The days were well-designed and thought-out. As you know, it is possible to complete the trek in a shorter duration but 5 days was good for us, particularly at the end. Edward gave us a good tour of MP. It was incredibly hot that day and the place was thronging with visitors. We enjoyed our visit and the level of information was right for us.
    Graham, Inca Trail, September 2016
  • Once again we have had a superb adventure with Amazonas. As you know, we work all over the world, and it is fair to say that your level of professionalism, support of your guides and porters and responsible tourism are second to none, you are our top rated ground operator.
    Justine, Inca Trail, April 2017
  • We had a most wonderful holiday and I cannot praise the arrangements too highly. The attention to detail was fantastic and everything went like clockwork.   The itinerary provided a varied mix of culture and trekking, absolutely to our tastes and just what we were hoping for.  The hotel accommodation was all comfortable and as described, and at just the right level – we appreciated the comfort but would have been embarrassed by too much luxury on what was after all intended to be an active outdoors holiday.  The trek gear – tents, sleeping bags etc – was all superb.  Our guides could not have been better – friendly, courteous and patient, and mines of information.  Jimmy gave us constant attention in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, on the Lares trek and up to Macchu Pichu.   Mauricio was equally assiduous in taking us to Colca, sharing my keen interest in photography so that I was never embarrassed to ask for a photo stop.  Even the guy who saw us from and to the airport in Lima (whose name I have forgotten) could not have done more.  And everyone who assisted our short trek was also really excellent – the gourmet cooking on a single gas stove was out of this world for its quality and imagination, the best I’ve ever had on trek.  Thanks again for a brilliant holiday!
    Ken, July 2017
  • I recently returned from trekking the Lares Valley. Willow is an exceptional guide and a thoroughly nice individual. His knowledge of both the Peruvian culture and history is infectious. He went out of his way to take time with all members of the group constantly checking how people were feeling and adjusting the days itinerary to suit.
    Nick, Lares trek, September 2016
  • I can report that we were very impressed. Of course, the canyon and the river sell themselves: spectacular scenery and a lovely time to go in May when everything is so green. But the professionalism of the operation and the high quality of both equipment and personnel was fantastic. It all ran so smoothly and was very slick. Everything from the careful driving to the expert piloting of the raft: we felt totally safe and had complete confidence in the raft. Santiago is a gem of a guide, and the two Victors were also very conscientious.  We were amazed by their skills: not only on the water but also creating such an enjoyable experience on the beaches: everything was set up for us quickly, and they are also very competent chefs. Extraordinary to have pisco sours created in a wind-up liquidiser, and a full English breakfast! The kit, from tents to tables and chairs, sleeping bags etc, was top notch. (The Number 2 loo tent perhaps not necessary: we’d have been quite happy to go natural and scoop it into a bag with a bit of lime and pop it into a little box...) I just hope Ed Sheeran enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks again to everyone.  
    Claire, Apurimac rafting, May 2017
  • The guide (Jaime) we had during our stay at the Hacienda, Cusco and in Manchu Picchu,  was excellent. He was very courteous, friendly, helpful and informative. He really made our stay in each of those places very enjoyable and unforgettable. The other guides we had were also all good but we spent the most time with him so I particularly wanted to let you know how good he was.
    Mrs Collins, July 2017, private trip
  • The rafting trip went very well. As you may know, neither Yvonne nor I had done white water rafting before so it was a new experience. Amazonas Explorer put one of their experienced helmsmen/guides (Juan Carlos) on the job. He was supported by the rescue canoeist, a driver and a cook. We had an interesting trip out to the Urubamba river, taking in several villages, each specializing in a different product. The rafting itself was very well organized, the safety drill thorough, the wet suit fitting and the rafting fun. The river is rather low at the moment but there was one spot where we got out and walked. Otherwise, the degree of difficulty was, we were told, Level 3. Juan Carlos zipped it up a bit further by dunking us at the front to get Yvonne giggling hysterically. All this is recorded on our GoPro which we positioned at the front/bow and then on Juan Carlos’ helmet. We had a break half way through, where to our surprise a snack was produced. At the end, we were treated to a lovely meal, so much so that cars were stopping by the roadside to ask if we were a pop-up restaurant. The scenery was stunning. We got back in the late afternoon. It was tiring while we were paddling but we soon recovered.
    Graham, one day rafting, September 2016
  • Carol,
    Now that we've returned, I wanted to let you know again just how much we enjoyed it.  I particularly want to let you know how impressed we were with the organization (including the timing of the first day start and the arrival at Machu Picchu which kept us away from the multitudes), the professionalism and excellent people skills of the guides and our wonderful crew who took such good care of us, fed us really well and clearly enjoy working for Amazonas Explorer.
    Janet, Inca Trail, May 20178
  • It sounds like they had the most amazing time in Peru and that their guide Efrain was a huge part in that so I wanted to pass on my thanks to yourselves and Efrain for looking after them so well! She could not speak more highly of Efrain and said she would not have made Km104 without him!  
    agent, UK, July 2017
  • Well we are back from Peru.   We had a fantastic trip!    I am so impressed with Amazonas Explorers.....they were 100% reliable, friendly, well equipped and well organized.   Our guide Jimmy  was so great....we did have him (and a cook, driver and other helper)  to ourselves for the biking, rafting, town tour and horseback tour.....though we didn't do horses because Dan was unwell so Jimmy (his driver,actually, with Jimmy) drove us to all the local sites and we walked through them, besides helping Dan with his digestive issues. He was so knowledgeable and friendly, spoke English well (and also Spanish and Quecha (?)...we couldn't absorb a quarter of all he told us about, it was so much.  Perfect guide in every way.
    The trek was awesome; harder than we expected (for me the uphills, for Dan the fear of heights did get to him sometimes), BUT, we persevered and did just fine.  Our companions were Brits that were about 30 years old; but the group did well together.  I am still amazed at the porters running up and down in their sandals with huge packs on their back.  And the rafting...Jimmy and Henry, in a kayak, were obviously VERY skilled; it was the most exciting whitewater I have ever done.  We ended up with the bike trip NOT to the salt mines; I'm not sure why, but the ride we had along the Urabamba was plenty interesting and wore us out anyway.  Maybe he looked at our age and decided the salt mine road was too much?  He didn't know yet how rugged we were<div class=
    Alice, Multisport September 2016
  • Hi Mark,
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for arranging the Choquequirao trek for me. I had an absolutely amazing time. Juan Carlos and Eduardo were superb guides and kept us safe and humoured throughout. The group were also great to trek with and I feel like I have made some new friends.
    Best wishes to all at Amazonas and thanks again.
    Kind regards,
    Brian, Choquequirao, June 2017
  • Dear all,   Just wanted to say a massive thank you (from both Dad & I) for organising such a wonderful trip to Peru. We had the most amazing time and really can’t thank you enough for your time and generosity. Everything ran so smoothly and we both totally fell in love with Peru!   Very much looking forward to sending lots of people your way!   Thank you so much again and speak soon,   Milly
    Milly, October 2017
  • Dear Amazonas Explorer, How do we begin to thank you for the truly amazing experience you planned for us? With three weeks in Peru and only the barest outline of where we wanted to go and what we like to do, you filled in the blanks and gave us the trip of a lifetime! Each day was a new adventure full of wonderful sights, people and experiences. The places we stayed were wonderful and the food in Peru was fabulous, but it was your people who put the trip over the top. The execution of the plan was flawless – everyone was prompt, knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be with. They took great care of us and eliminated all the usual stress of travel. You planned for us the perfect balance of “guided” time and independence; the hiking and biking days were perfectly suited to our age, ability and the altitude. We’re telling everyone we know to visit Peru and plan their trip with Amazonas! Robin and OJ Burns
    Robin and OJ , Nov 2016
  • Hi Paul, I just wanted to pass along some feedback from the client. They had a really great time in Cusco. They absolutely loved the Machu Picchu trek and one of their favorite activities was interactive with the children at the service site.  
    Chris, Inca Trail, May
  • The scope of the service it’s as complete as it can be. You joined us from the very beginning of the activity (previous day chat) until the check-in in the last hotel. It’s helpful but not oppressing. The activity itself is unforgettable. Well balanced, not exhausting, never boring, and with enough content. Of course the incredible landscape plays its role!. The guide (Jaime) it’s perfect for the activity. Well prepared, with a wide range of conversation and explanations about the whole treck. Helpful, funny and familiar. Congratulations for that. So, in general, we would rate your service as excellent. Thank you, and wish you great success!
    Seth, KM104 Inca Trail, Dec 2016
  • Hi Matt,
    Just a quick note to say thanks for the trip and for waiting for me to get my insurance.
    The trek was incredible. The organisation was first class and the guides, chefs and horsemen all did a fantastic job. Loved every minute of it.
    Arthur, Choquequirao trek, June 2017
  • Oh my goodness Matt- it was fabulous. Perfect for New Year’s eve- very festive and special. Really , truly, this trip was one of our best travel experiences. Everything was perfectly planned and timed, Jimmy was great, and I didn’t have to do any leg work! (except walking!) I will most definitely recumbent you guys to anyone wanting to do this this trip- thanks again. Jen Portman
    Jen Portman, December 2016
  • Dear Paul, Carol and Maria,   We are home again after a great two week trip through Peru! Everything was organized perfectly even with the changes needed due to the strike!   We especially enjoyed having Efrain Valles as our guide as he connected with our kids in a very special way; he shows so much care and love for Peru and the Peruvian people!   So thank you for organizing a beautiful trip for us that will provide us and our kids with great life long memories! We will be back.   Friendly regards,   Margriet & family  
    Margriet van de Steeg, July 2017
  • Dear Matt,
    Back home in North Carolina sharing my trip and pictures with my husband and remembering what a great trip it was. Thank you so much for your perfect planning and of course your selection of "Chino", the worlds best guide. He was so helpful, kind and knowledgeable.
    I will keep pass you name on to anyone that needs a great travel agent.
    Elene Hertweck
    Private trip March 2017
  • Hi Matt, we have had the best trip with the boys in our lifetime. Both Helene and I are over joyed and grateful for the professional friendly and charming guides you provided us. These young guys were smart, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, had outstanding social skills with my sons (their age) and us old folks. Thank you
    Helene, July 2017
  • We did the Ultimate Inca Trail Adventure. Amazonas Explorer is a first class adventure company. Their execution of the trip was flawless. Communication, guides, porters, transports, food, hotels, luggage, permits, tickets, knowledge, history, excellent on all counts. I would recommend this company without any hesitation or qualification. If I go back and I just might, this is the Company I will choose again.
    S.H: May 2016
  • Jimmy was Professional and very Informed, Local knowledge and tour guide info was Exceptional He is Passionate about his Country and People. He administered Oxygen To Carol and kept an Eye on her when suffering from Altitude Sickness , he also Phoned a Doctor in Cusco several times for Clarification on her progress . Just Brilliant
    Mrs Thomas, Lares, April 2017
  • Dear Matt and Carol:
    I write to thank you and tell you what an amazing trip we had in Peru with Amazonas Explorer a couple of weeks ago.  You and your staff could not have done a better job.  As you may recall, we had two late in the game changes because two of the four of us realized they could not do the full trek.  You addressed the situation with grace and flexibility and made it possible for all of us to have a great trip.  Lenny and I, who did the five day Inca Trail, really appreciated Jose, our guide, and the porters, who did everything we could have hoped for.  They fed us well, created a comfortable commode (the Rocket), set up our tents, and carried most of our gear.  And always beat us to camp and had everything waiting for us when we arrived.  Jose is very knowledgeable about the Inca sites and Inca culture, and is obviously proud of his heritage.  We learned a lot from him, and he was encouraging and patient with the fact that I was slower than Lenny.  I never once felt bad about being the slower one; Jose waited for me and encouraged me every step of the way.  He has a great manner, a warmth of personality and sense of humor, and that made the trip very special.  The porters, too, were kind and lovely, and we managed to communicate with smiles and laughter even when we lacked a common language.  Carole and Connie, who hiked the first day with us, and then returned to Ollantaytambo for some Sacred Valley touring and met us later in the trip also had a fantastic time and had wonderful things to say about their guide, Nilo.  I will enthusiastically recommend Amazonas Explorer to anyone who decides to visit Machu Picchu or the Sacred Valley.    Thank you, again.
    Terry, June 2017
  • Dear Carol and the Amazonas team
    Just a short note to thank you all for the fantastic trip we all had
    The care and support we received was truly incredible and we would not hesitate to offer our recommendations anytime
    Pls convey our thanks to Juan Carlos and the entire team...
    Their smiles and encouragement were contagious on their good will
    We are coming back!!
    Thanks and with our best
    Jozef Straus, Choquequirao April 2017
  • Amazonas Explorer provided bikes, paddle boards, kayaks, porters, guides, the works for our trip to Peru. Without fail, everyone was reliable and knowledgeable. The equipment they had for us was in excellent condition, especially important when using bikes. On a short camping trip, we arrived at the site to discover all of our tents erected with cots. We even had slippers and bouquets. The meals they prepared were exceptional. Mark, in charge of marketing, followed us by email every step of the way, making sure we made all our connections and had everything we needed. Cannot offer enough praise for this outfitter.
    Robin, May 2016
  • We did the 1 day rafting trip down the Urubamba River thru Amazonas Explorer. It was an experience that I would highly recommend. Our guide for the day was Santiago. From the moment he picked us up from our hotel we knew this was going to be a great experience. He is very passionate about rafting and wanted to make sure the experience was enjoyable for myself, my husband, and our 2 daughters ages (12 and 14 years old). We had a 2.5 hours van ride to the starting point of the river, however Santiago educated us on Peruvian culture. Once we got to our starting destination we were given wet suits, thermal shirts, water shoes, life jackets, and helmets. There was a safety lesson and then we began rafting. At no point during the trip did we feel unsafe. They take every saftey precaution available and we had another guide (Neil) follow us in a safety kayak. Neil took pictures throughout the trip down the river. Half way thru the rafting we stopped on the bank of the river for a snack. My kids were able to sit in the front of the raft during the second half of the trip. We experienced up to 3+ rapids. Toward the end of the rafting trip Santiago gave us the option to jump out of the raft and swim in the river. The water was quite cold (50 defrees F), but it was a great experience. When we arrived on shore there was a tent to change and a tent with a portable toilet. Three other members of their group made a wonderful lunch and set up a tent for us to eat in. The food was amazing. This is a well run business that believes in quality of service. I would highly recommend it!
    Amita, July 2016
  • My friend and I recently went on a great canoeing adventure with Amazonas Explorer and we loved every second. Professional, organised and super friendly- the guides were amazing and the trip exceeded our expectations! Thank you Paul and our awesome guide Neo! We will be back for sure!!!
    Ally S, July 2016
  • Having read the book Turn Right at Machu Picchu, I looked up Amazonas Explorer out of curiosity. Four months later, my 11 year old daughter and I experienced the 8 day Family Adventure Peru which included all transfers and daily excursions in the Sacred Valley and Cusco area. This was a very active trip that included hiking, cycling, kayaking and SUP. The tour conductors were Jose Antonio and Juan Carlos Juros. Both were very knowledgeable and personable but most importantly made us feel safe as every detail was handled and every question answered. Jose had a great sense of humour and was very encouraging during the one day Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu. Both guides were so kind to my daughter treating her as they would their own and we both learned a great deal about the Peruvian lifestyle, respect for nature and pacha mama (Mother Earth). This trip exceeded our expectations in every way. There were many magical moments such as dipping into the 29 foot waterfall along the Inca trail, meeting many local children, interacting with alpacas, llamas and guinea pigs, having Lake Piuray to ourselves and enjoying pachamanca--a traditional Peruvian meal cooked under rocks in the ground. We will never forget this experience and are grateful for Amazonas Explorer for everything.
    Mennick, August 2016
  • Dearest Jaime, You have been the best guide we could have hoped for. We loved seeing your beautiful country through your eyes. You are a very special person and we hope you will always follow your dreams.
    Roshni July 2016
  • We had a wonderful time – the whole trip exceeded our expectations – big thank you!!!! The mountain biking was great – I decided not to be challenged after lunch and took the easy route (bus) to the salt pans but the rest of the group made it (and in one piece!!!!)
    Hargreaves August 2016
  • My wife Silvana, my son Roberto, and another couple, Tom and Mary Kyme walked the Inka Trail in July 2016. I just wanted to express our gratitude for such a wonderful experience. In particular, I want to thank Wifredo , our guide. He was so professional in everything that he did. He put our minds at ease in the pre-trek briefing. He ensured that everything we ate and drank was prepared in a very hygienic manner. He provided expert narrative about the many Inka sites we encountered on the way to the Sacred Valley. All of his Porters also provided an excellent service and ensured that we had a fantastic experience. My wife and I had a problem when entering the Park because our Passport Numbers had been changed. Wilfredo solved this problem for us and ensured that we were able to continue with the Trek. I cannot thank him enough.
    Gino Lenzo, July 2016
  • Thanks so much for checking - I thought it was probably a lost cause!
    We had a fantastic time thank you. Everything went pretty smoothly. We loved Casitas Del Colca - definitely our favourite hotel together with Inkaterra Amazonica. The activities were great and all worked well for everyone. We were so glad we did the one day Inca trail - arriving at Machu Picchu wouldn't have been the same amazing experience without that. We all thought Jose Rivas was a fantastic guide and were very fond of him. We loved seeing the condors - a definite highlight. I would say Mauricio was probably our least attentive guide but still nice and friendly. And we somehow missed Miguel on arriving at Lima which was no problem but a bit confusing transferring to international check in with such a gap between flights.
    All in all an amazing trip - thank you!
    Anne Deering, July 2016
  • We've been home a month now after our family's fantastic trip with Amazonas Explorers. We are still remembering sites, telling friends and showing our beautiful pictures to family and friends. My daughter dreamed up this trip to Machu Picchu after a cultural presentation on Peru in her Spanish class and we finally did it 4 years later. From our arrival tour in Cuzco, whitewater rafting trip, mountain biking trip and trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, it was truly awesome and unforgettable. Our "Dream Team" from Chef Teo to the porters to our amazing guide Willow Cardenas Torres all made our trek comfortable, exciting, rewarding and such a wonderful memory for our family. We love Peru, we loved our experience with Amazonas Explorer and hope to return again. We know who to ask for (Willow!) for our next adventure!!! Muchas Gracias! The Melby Family
    Melby Family
  • Dear Jimmy, I have done a lot of traveling in my life and I must tell you that you are the very best guide I have ever had. You made the mystery of Machu Picchu and the majesty of the Inca civilization come alive.  Your  knowledge & explanation of the cultural history of Peru and Cusco's place in that history and your familiarity with everything around us made our visit really special.   Of course, I am very grateful for your hand helping me navigate the ups and especially the downs. I wish health and happiness for you and your family in the future.  If I can ever help you with anything please let me know. I will miss you. As we say in Hawaii "a hui hou" - till we meet again.
  • We cannot speak highly enough of our experience on the Inca Trail, the Wayki’s and our guide Chino were amazing, helpful, happy, fun and so knowledgeable, they made the trip absolutely perfect. Chino is a real asset to your company, he could not have done any more to make it the trip of a lifetime, nothing was too much trouble and he was so warm and caring to us and to the Wayki’s.
    Marie and Mat, May 2017
  • Our group of three empty-nester couples had an amazing one-week trip to Machu Picchu and the Andes thanks to a personalized itinerary that squeezed as many highlights as possible. Our guide, Jose, was professional and well-versed. It was great to have the trip details and transportation worked out so that we could just enjoy the adventure. We also opted for a rafting trip from Cusco through the company that was much more professional than any rafting trip I have been on in Tennessee or North Carolina. We were worried about being cold since the trip was in early October, but Santiago and his team provided high-quality wetsuits that kept us comfortable and fairly dry. There was even a chef who prepared a picnic lunch, and tents for changing and a portable toilet. I want to go back for a combination hiking/rafting trip and will use Amazonas Explorer again
    Ellen, Oct 2015
  • We used Amazonas Explorer for our recent trip to Cuzco. We are a family of 4 (two teenagers) and wanted to do something active but reasonable on our 1st day in Cuzco, so after contacting the company via the web, decided on the Sacred Valley one day bike. Our guide picked us up at the airport and we drove to Pisac (brief stop in Cuzco for us to get some Peruvian currency). The weather was initially pretty rainy, so it wasn't totally clear we'd be able to bike. We went 1st to the market at Pisac, which I thought was OK (I'm not crazy about markets - my wife liked it more). We then drove down the road a bit (we bought a roasted guinea pig at a roadside stand - good to have a guide since I imaging some vendors are better than others). The guide and his two helpers then set up a tent (since it was still drizzling) for our lunch. They prepared a quite nice hot lunch, which we supplemented with our guinea pig. By then, the rain had largely stopped, so we biked back to Pisac along a very quiet, zero traffic dirt road, which was pretty flat. It was muddy with the rain). We then drove back to Cuzco and they dropped us at our hotel. I liked our guides very flexible approach. It was kind of a custom tour as it was only the four of us (since it was the day before Christmas, not really their busy season).
    Daniel, Dec 2015
  •  From the first day to the last, everything was fantastic. We never had to worry or wonder about anything. Hotels, van pick-ups, guides - you had it all covered! The boutique hotels were cute, clean and welcoming. We enjoyed not having to stay in big places or Americanized versions. We felt like we got to know local people better. Cuzco hotel was especially convenient for strolling around. As for our two expeditions, the Eureka tents were fantastic. (They are made close to where we live!). One night we stayed warm and dry in a 10 hour rainstorm! We could have never guessed the food would be as tasty and well presented as it was. Paulino, our Peruvian cook, was amazing! He made the best soups each day and kept us well stoked up for riding and hiking. This was a huge surprise and one which really added to the trip.    They ( the rides) were all great - each one was different. Riding down from the top of Manu was visually, a special treat. Xavier, our guide, couldn't have been better. He made sure we were safe, shared history and nature and made the ride fun, exhilarating and a true adventure. Each day had its own special touch. We always had something to look forward to. We hired bikes before, but never such high-end models. We both ride Scott road bikes at home, so we are familiar with their quality. Full suspension, disc brakes - these bikes put up with a lot of rough terrain and handled beautifully.   Can't say enough about Xavier. He met us at the airport, gave us a tour of Cuzco, cautioned us re. altitude, drinking and climatizing. He prepared us well, starting with an easy day and gradually progressing to more and more difficult terrain. We felt we really learned a lot about off road riding on this trip. In addition, he was a fantastic liaison between us and local villagers. We felt we were welcomed warmly wherever we went. Part of it was because of the small size of our group. He also was extremely knowledgeable re. history, culture and nature. We saw some incredible birds thanks to his knowledge. He is one of the best!! On our Inca trail hike, Eduard and Nilda were a great team. Eduard knew exactly what we would need to do to reach our goal. Nilda was patient and understanding. Their historical knowledge as we traversed the trail was outstanding and added immensely to the experience. You have chosen your guides well. They share their personal lives with us, as we do with them. They form us into a working, sharing team. They celebrate our successes as if it were their first time. They REALLY made the two adventures (biking & trekking) a special experience!!!.... Who would have guessed we'd have Mercedes vans on those bumpy backroads?!
    Carol and Jim
  • Hi Carol,
    I just wanted to provide some feedback from our trek. It was amazing! The whole team were incredible, from Percy the driver, all the porters, the cooks and especially Jimmy. It was a magical experience and most of the time we felt we had the trail and the campsites to ourselves.
    The food was incredible, (thank you Paulino and Alex), the campsites amazing and Jimmy was an awesome Guide. His knowledge of the Incan history, wildlife and fauna was impeccable.
    The communication from yourself and Thom was excellent. We have nothing to fault.
    A truly memorable experience.
    If there is a specific website such as trip advisor you'd like me to write a review please let me know.
    Thanks again,
    Rich and Wendy
    Richard and Wendy Boldock
    November 2015 Inca Trail
  • From October 29th to November 6th we were on an Amazonas Explorer trip in Peru with your guide Chino. Due to issues we faced at the end of that trip, we were unable to do a thorough job of completing the evaluation form so we are now adding our comments. You have probably heard about the medical crisis that occurred when we returned to our hotel in Cusco on November 5th and the role that Chino played in helping us to get through it. We could not have asked for a better guide than Chino. He helped us immensely by taking us to and from the hospital, staying with us throughout the ordeal, translating, advocating for us and offering support. This was well beyond his role as a guide and his willingness to do this really touched our hearts. As a guide, he was always friendly and courteous, going out of his way to ensure that we were comfortable and enjoying ourselves and that Gordon was able to see as much as possible despite his mobility challenges. Chino's knowledge of Inca history, culture and engineering is profound and we learned so much from him. Plus, he was a lot of fun. The drivers we had [especially Percy] were also great. The trip itself was very well organized and all of the connections went smoothly. The hotels in Puno and Cuzco were fine but we did not care for the hotel in Machu Picchu Pueblo. The room was of low quality and was noisy, the breakfast was not very good and the place was not at all welcoming in its atmosphere. Also, the location at the bottom of the hill was inconvenient. It was very dark with uneven sidewalks and steps and we were not able to access other parts of the town at night. Otherwise, we were very pleased with the arrangements that you made for us and would happily recommend your services to others. With thanks and warm wishes, Barbara and Gordon
    Barbara and Gordon Sykes
    November 2015 Private tour
  • It was one of the most wonderful travel trip we both had. Trek was bit trying but it was worth the effort. Beautiful scenery and wilderness was amazing on the way. All the arrangements you have done was excellent: good hotels, friendly guides and tasty food (3 course meals while camping!) can't ask more. Thanks again for helping us for such a memorable travel experience. I have attached our photo at Machu Picchu.
    Girish Desphande- Private tour- Oct 2015
  • Firstly our guides were fantastic. I'd like to mention the standouts:- Cristo in Sacred Valley, Cusco and Machu Picchu What can I say about Machu Picchu, totally mind blowing, I consider myself so privileged to have walked through one of the great marvels of the world, to have had my hands on the same stones that the Incas touched, to stand at the three windows and feel that I could touch the sun and the connection I felt with the spirituality of what is the essence of Machu Picchu. Totally humbling. I'm So lucky! I also realised I missed telling you about a very significant highlight. The Goose Dance, performed by Kindy students in Huilloc This was Organised by Cristo and it had a profound effect on all of us The little ones are amazing. Thank you for the best holiday imaginable in one of the Worlds greatest continents”
    Mrs Musemeci
    October 2015
  • Dear Lilou, Sorry this message is a bit late, but it has taken us a few weeks to recover from the awesome trip that we took September 18th - 27th with your wonderful trekking company! While it is but a memory now, we wanted you to know just how special this trip was for all of us. On behalf of our group of five, we want you to know that Amazonas Explorer provided an extremely positive experience, from the front end planning of the trip, answering questions, booking and paying for the the trip, all transfers to and from the hotels, sightseeing prior to the hike to Machu Picchu and then the actual Inca Trail and train and bus ride on the return to Cusco, up to the final day of our trip. Everyone that we met from day one through the end was extremely professional, friendly, and treated us with respect and friendship, helping to make us feel extra special. You have every reason to be proud of the way all of your employees represented your company and your beautiful country! Our guides, porters and cooks were amazing, and did an awesome job to ensure that everyone was embraced as family, making sure we were well-fed (the meals were amazing) and as comfortable as we could be in a camping situation. I want to point out an exceptional young man and Assistant Guide that supported our group, Henry Quintano Loayza. Although I believe this was only his second time on the trail as an assistant, he was most definitely someone who stands out in customer service, leadership and compassion. There was a young lady in the group who really struggled on the hike, and Henry was quick to be there to encourage her (as well as all of us when we struggled) and made sure she was safe, often times carrying her back pack so she would be able to make it to camp each day. Henry also carried my pack several times as I struggled one afternoon on the slippery trail, and also once we made it to Machu Picchu on the trail down to the bus stop. He is such a joy to be around, always there with his quick smile and wonderful demeanor, and our group really enjoyed spending time with him. We hope that he will one day be promoted to a Lead Guide with your company, as he was a favorite among all of the hikers on the trip.   Warmest Regards, Geanine Ballard
    Geanine Ballard, Inca Trail, September 2015
  • Carol and Paul Just got back from Peru. Amazonas did an excellent job. Spectacular! We will give you great reviews on Tripadvisor. Mauricio was the perfect guide. Thanks again, Bruce Speicher
    Bruce Speicher
    Arequipa and Colca tour, September 2015
  • As you could tell by the pictures - I still have more to post - it was a memorable trip. We loved Peru and it was so different from any other country I've visited. It has unique culture and the scenery is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Plus, the history - man - the Inca were busy little buggers. It's amazing to wonder what kind of structures still remain uncovered. At Machu Picchu, Gonzalo (guide) pointed out a massive aqueduct across the valley/river from the site. It had just been discovered in the last nine months. Crazy. He told us they estimate less than 50% of Machu Picchu has been exposed and just a bit more than 20% of Choquequirao has been identified.   Speaking of Gonzalo, he was great. If I were you, I wouldn't hesitate to request him to guide future guests you send to Peru. He's warm, upbeat, enthusiastic and funny and he knows his stuff. Plus he is so proud of his country and his heritage. Having a private guide and vehicle really enhanced our experience.
    Susan S
  • Dear Mark:
    Thank you for helping us have an experience of a life time.
    We rode in on bikes and tomorrow we head out for La Paz. The group I helped , no you helped get to Machu Picchu are so thankful.
    We especially want to thank you for Nilo. He was an incredible guide funny , concerned always there and so knowable. We have been biking together for over 2 months and we have become a close net family , Nile joined our family for two days
    I highly recommend you and your company for further groups.
    Svend Paulsen, 2 day Machu Picchu tour, September 2015
  • Hi Maria We finished our trip with you guys today. It was all amazing and the guys are fantastic. We had a really good time. Say hi to the whole team. You guys are amazing. Gracias gracias.
    Ziad Hourani
    March 2015
  • This is just to say Peru was fantastic! Thank you so much for arranging such a splendid trip for Susan and myself. Everything worked like clockwork, people appeared from nowhere to whisk us here and there. Our three guides were excellent, and we never felt pushed.
  • This email is intended to help you with further trips going the same way as us and does not require a reply. I deem the organisation of our trip by you as a success.

    The quality of the guides stands out as being a major contributor to an interesting and successful holiday of this type. They were all good, with perfect English, excellent knowledge of the sort of things we are interested in, and  with a very good sense of humour, which made it fun. Maybe we were lucky, but please commend Cristobal (Cusco) and  Julio (Lake Titicaca) from one very satisfied client. Your hotel choices were exactly what we liked with perhaps Hotel B in Lima being the most stylish and Titilaka being the most scenic. Titilaka had Jude Law staying. It was good for us to stay there 3 days because we like islands and birds. Most other people there thought two days would do. Highlights for us were the Andean Explorer train, Macchu Picchu itself and the total experience of Lake Titicaca. I would miss out Lima.

     Thank you for your help Giles

  • Thanks to all at Amazonas but particularly Mauricio and Efrain our guides to the Colca Valley and Machu Pichu and the Sacred Valley. The whole trip was  excellent Boutique accommodation so much better than large impersonal hotels and attention to details such as timing of arrival at sites ahead of the crowds was welcomed. Excellent natural and cultural history knowledge was displayed throughout and attention to our wellbeing energy etc was shown throughout truly memorable. Jacqui and Russell Watkinson
    Jacqui and Russell Watkinson
    February 2015
  • I don't normally write thank you emails, but we had other guides in our 3 week Peru visit, while some were good some were terrible, they just highlighted how amazingly special Jose was and how lucky we were to have him. He's a credit to his profession and Amazonas.
    George and Thom McCall
    April 2014
  • We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for organising the trip of a lifetime for us.  Every single aspect of the holiday was immaculately organised, from the initial planning on your behalf, the expert advice given to tailor the trip to suit us, to the actual reality of being in Peru and completing the Inca Trail. Our guide Efrain was a delight – full of knowledge, full of fun and very easy on the eye which is always a plus.  Our wonderful porters were adorable and quite awesome, and the hotels, flights and transits were seamless.  The food was divine, especially the ceviche and the guinea pig, and the Pisco Sours were pretty good too. The Trail, itself, was wonderfully planned.  We mainly walked on our own which gave Efrain plenty of opportunity to show us the amazing flora and fauna, and his knowledge and passion for the history of the Inca people and the Peruvians was impeccable.  We were treated like royalty by our porters and fed like royalty too.  Big Karen got inadvertently married to head porter, Daniele, so we’re waiting to see how that works out... Lima and Cusco were both amazing cities, and we managed to see quite a lot of both of them. So we’re back home enriched with the experience and delighted in the knowledge that we have some great memories to cherish. Sorry to gush, but it really was that great.
    Sandra, Karrie, Big Karen and Sue
  • We did the 1 day Bike A-salt mountain biking trip with 3 friends, and it ended up being my favorite part of the entire trip. It had beautiful scenery, allowed us to see some cool ruins, and was a very fun ride. The first half is more scenic with fireroad trails while the second half of the trip was more technical on donkey trails with some challenging terrain. Our guide, Xavier, was very friendly and enthusiastic about biking. The ride was very safe since they have a van that meets up during the ride every half hour to hour. It also carried food, water, and our stuff so we didn't have to keep it all on us during the ride. They set up an excellent lunch out on the field with shade and a delicious variety of food. Also, the equipment they rent you is all great quality. Our group wasn't the most experienced, but they tailor the trip to your skill level. Xavier also gave good tips to us on biking. We accidentally left our jacket in the van after the trip, and while I offered to go pick it up from them, they drove all the way back to our hostel the next day and dropped it off for us, great service! Highly recommend this trip with Amazonas Explorer. The price was excellent for what you get.
    Steve G.
    Bike Moras Maray
  • While we arrived in the rainy season and the rapids were said to be not the best, we thoroughly enjoyed the one day rafting experience. Equipment was good, staff were very professional, and the river was great fun. We had options of large raft or kayaks, and used both. The lunch following was delicious, and Juan Carlos, our rafting guide, was knowledgeable, interesting, and clearly had extensive rafting and outdoor experience. Highly recommend this for families.
    John Simmons
    Raft the Urubamba
  • Paul, When I explained to you originally that this was to be our family holiday of a lifetime, we had high expectations for a great trip. That you and your excellent staff managed to far exceed those expectations is testiment to a great and well managed company. When we describe to our friends where we visited, what we did and what we saw they are all amazed at how much could be crammed into 16 exciting days. Peru certainly has it all and we have come back with a feeling of great admiration and respect for its history, wildlife and people. We wish you and your team the very best and hope you are able to continue making families such as ours feel very special and privileged long into the future.
  • The biking was AMAZING!!!! We had a fantastic time. Javier was a superb guide, the service, equipment, lunch, snacks were all EXCELLENT!! The terrain was fantastic, we did 3 runs on the half day and had a great time! We could not have asked for anything more - Thank you very much. We will recommend the company highly to friends who visit in the future. Maybe come back ourselves. We were wishing we had more time on the bikes when we finished!!!
    Ashwini A.
    Cusco Downhill Biking
  • We had a wonderful trip hiking to Machu Picchu in December, and want to tell you what a fantastic job Willow Torres did for us.  He was informative, helpful, entertaining, and professional and made the hike successful.  He even did well as a doctor.  If we have friends who consider going on this trip we will strongly urge them to make sure Willow is their guide
    David Hammer
  • Thanks everyone for putting together a great holiday for me while in Peru, everything was above expectations and really opened my eyes to the beauty of Peru
    Alistair Innes
  • Apologies for the tardy response to the fabulous trip you arranged for me and Oliver. We both had a great time and I cannot thank you enough for the superb organization involved. Thank you also for the lunch and change in plans that were mades so effortlessly on the last day of our trek with Zach
    Miranda Plunkett
    Lares Trek
  • Hi Dougie, We just got back from our rafting trip and it was amazing! We all had a fantastic time and did not want to get out of the raft, it was so much fun! The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.  The guides were knowledgable, patient and a joy to be with. Lunch was delicious and well prepared. We enjoyed ourselves very much and would highly recommend Amazonas Explorer.  Thank you again for organizing and setting this up.  We are also loving the privacy and hospitality of the Urubamba Villas
    Cindy Nguyen
    Raft the Urubamba
  • A belated thank you to everyone at Amazonas for our wonderful trip! As you hopefully heard from Edwar, everything went smoothely and we were extremely pleased with the content and logistics of the trip
    Dan Chapman
    Inca Trail
  • Just a quick thank you for the holiday in Peru you organised. It all went off very smoothly and the organisation was excellent, I could not fault any part of it. We had a great laugh and got home safely. Thanks again,
    John Hannan
  • The three days in the Sacred Valley were very worthwhile. Certainly much easier than doing the climb! Our little hacienda was slap in the middle of the Valley. It was in the village of Urubamba, (as in the river) down a dirt track set amongst farms, far away from noise or traffic or towns. A high wall surrounded the unkempt garden (which was full of indigenous South African flowers!) and at the back, a lovely orchard full of fruit trees in blossom. It made me think of the villages we slept in in the Annapurnas - remember the apple orchards at Marpha, and then the next night in orange orchards? Anyway the hacienda was run by a delightful couple who couldn't do enough for us. The accommodation was basic, but homely and most comfortable. Sue liked it so much, she stayed behind one day just to enjoy the place by herself and to write. And our guide Chino was an absolute star. He called us his beautiful super duper ladies which endeared him to us no end. Did you know that he studied history at university and was a lecturer? He said he didn't have patience with the students, so he gave that up and now he prefers guiding. He had a wealth of knowledge. Anyway every day he took us to a different Inca site, as set out in your itinerary to us. After visiting the site we would set off on a hike through hills and dale. That was fabulous - the walking part. Many times we would pass minor Inka sites, and of course, the never ending terraces were often our contour paths. Then all of a sudden we would come upon a clearing and there would be the most beautiful picnic lunch set out for us. With a gas cooker and all to make us HOT tea! And there was nobody else in sight, we were the only people on the planet. The Amazon Basin was WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly one of the high-lights. Three nights there was perfect. If we were there for 2 nights, I would have felt cheated. Once again our guide was excellent. Ivan was a native from the forest - so you can imagine the wealth of stories he had to tell. He liked to refer to his grandfather who taught him all about the medicines available in the forests. So, it was a wonderful trip. Thank you for making it happen.
  • Thanks for an excellent I.T., everyone was chuffed to bits with the whole caboodle, and I especially appreciated the efforts you went to, to sort out the last minute hitches - made my life a lot easier!
    Pete Getgood
    Inca Trail
  • I was recently on your 5 day inca trail and just wanted to say that our guide Edward (I think thats the spelling) was very good. He was very friendly and helpful throughout the trip and I found the trek much easier having him about. I. I also want to thank you and your team for the fantastic time we had in Peru and will definately recommend you to our friends.
    Hugh Hampsey
    Inca Trail
  • I really must thank you for all the work you put into our wonderful tour of Peru. What I tell folk is that the organization was spot on. Like clockwork, couldn't find fault with anything. The accom, the food, the guides, whether we were travelling on busses, planes, trains or boats, never a problem. Also blessed by my traveling companions. We were lucky with the weather,and that we all kept well. Felicia South Africa 2008 peru Explorer “Wilo (the guide)  has been fantastic nothing is a problem, Good knowledge and very good fun.
    Mrs Mcllellan
  • I want to take this time to thank you & all of your staff for making our trip to Peru so enjoyable. Your professional & courteous staff were always on time & well informed as to our schedule & our needs. Their attention to cleanliness & hygiene exceeded my expectations. My sons & I are still revelling in the many wonderful experiences from our time in Peru. In particular, the staff on our Lares trek was outstanding. As a History major at university, I found Chino's knowledge of his land & his people to be exceptional. We were a captive audience to his many tales. His friendly smile & calm nature made us completely relaxed in everything we did together. Chino advised that our trek was the first time that Marcellino worked for you. Always smiling & ever accommodating, I would strongly recommend that you use him for other treks. Your cook.....was excellent. Every meal was great. Victor, our driver,.... was terrific as well. It is very apparent that all of your staff are very pleased to work for you & that you treat them very well. That certainly is reflected in their positive attitude and ever smiling faces
    Gary Minden
    Lares Trek
  • Now back in the UK for  week, just wanted to say how much we appreciated the service from Amazonas Explorer during our recent trip to Peru. All in all a great trip to a fascinating country made all better by your company's services
    Mike Wilkinson
  • We have just returned from out trip to Peru and it was amazing. Efrain Valles and Amazonas Explorers were excellent.  The trip really exceeded our expectations.  Wayne enjoyed the challenges of the Inca Trail and I enjoyed the extra time in the Sacred Valley.  We were really glad we were with Amazonas Explorers when the strike in Peru affected our itinerary.  Efrain and Amazonas Explorers were able to alter our itinerary on such short notice, and we didn’t feel that we were short-changed on our trip at all.  In fact, because we were able to be at Machu Picchu during the strike, we were able to enjoy it without the crowds of day-travellers who normally come by train. We would definitely recommend this trip to anyone wanting to go to Peru! Thanks again
    Lynn Harris
  • Just a quick note to let you know that we all arrived back in one piece. Thank's for organising our extra days in Peru which we all agreed was brilliant and expertly carried out by Amazonas Explorer. Not one hitch did we have, which was great. Military execution at its best.
    John Dillon
  • We had a great trip and Amazonas is a first rate operation.  Thank you and we may see you sometime in the future (when kids are big enough to come along…)
    Leslie Jefferson & Tony Jefferson
  • MY NAME IS CARMEN PALOMO AND I JUST CAME BACK FROM PERU FROM YOUR AUSANGATE TREK. I just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful trekking expedition you put together but mostly on the people you employed. They were just amazing. Chino (Ruben) was the best at the beginning of the trip. He was so enthusiastic and proud of his heritage that made us hungry to learn more about Peru. He was a real joy to have and then we moved onto AAron, Justo (who I wanted to bring back with me) and his team. Aaron was very professional, kind and just full of energy which is what helped me at 16,000 ft. Really...... all of them were so kind to us and they were all willing to do anything to make us comfortable and happy and BOY do they work hard all day long. Please tell them what a great job they did and thank them again from all of us. Again, Congratulations on your staff.
    Carla Palomo
    Ausangate Trek
  • We were so impressed with Amazonas Explorer, what a professional team. The food was great and the guide extremely knowledgeable. Doing a private Inca Trail was the right decision for us, it meant we could go at our own pace (one day of the hike took us 11 hours!). This trek in Peru was the highlight of our whole holiday; we enjoyed it even more than the Galapagos cruise.
  • Just a quick email to say thanks for all your help with our Salkantay trek a couple of weeks ago. Flor in Mollepata looked after us really well and hooked us up with a great Muleteer for the first couple of days. The weather was OK (loads of snow on the pass though!) and it was great to have the freedom of not being attached to a tour group.
    Dan Harmon
    Salkantay Trek
  • “We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had in Peru. The slight collywobbles about not being with other families were entirely groundless…..I can’t imagine what the trip would have been like if we had been in a larger group. All the logistics worked perfectly….all airport meets ups & transfers went smoothly, and the guides from Amazonas Explorers were excellent. We have been on a few of these family holidays now, in Europe, Africa and N America. This was by far the best trip we have done, and well worth the travelling. “  
    The Daniels Family
  • Just a quick note to thank you and everyone for the support in getting ourselves organised for the holiday in Peru.  Doing the Inca explorer was tremendous and extremely rewarding for both of us.  We had a wonderful time but now understand why you need to be fairly fit especially for the first week trekkingThe Peru people we met were lovely and the guides very committed and passionate about their work.  I would like to say that both Ruben (trek) and Pepe (rafting) did Amazonas Explorer proud
    Steve and Lesley Cain
  • All of the arrangements worked extremely well.  The extension activities arranged following the Inca Trail and Machu Pichu were just superb: mountain biking, white water rafting down the Apurimac Canyon, the Andean Explorer train journey from Cusco to Puno, and the 2-day trip to the islands of Lake Titicaca were all fantastic experiences, and incredibly enjoyable.  I had the time of my life every single day I was in Peru.  The hotel in Puno was very good, and all the hotel taxi transfers in Cusco and Puno arrived on schedule.  As a person who really appreciates knowing the details of any plan, it was greatly reassuring to see in advance the detailed timetable of all the activities down to the time of hotel transfers in Cusco and Puno, and then it all happened exactly as scheduled.  Wonderfully well organised - well done! So thanks for such a wonderful experience, I have been recommending Amazonas Explorer to anybody thinking of visiting Peru for adventure activities.
    Eric Waters
    Inca Trail
  • We spent 3 days with Pepe (Jose) exploring the sacred valley and wanted to let you know how great our experience was. We can’t give enough credit to Pepe for opening our eyes to the history and the current issues while having a great time with us. He was the star of our trip. Funnily enough, we got home to the UK, turned on the TV and saw Pepe on a raft with Bruce Parry and a BBC film crew – very cool. After the hustle and bustle of Cusco, exploring the Sacred Valley with Pepe (real name Jose) from Amazonas was just what we wanted. We can’t give enough credit to Pepe for opening our eyes to the history and the current issues while having a great time with us. He was the star of our trip. The mountain biking was awesome, nearly all downhill and followed by the 4x4 with lunch and spares. The bikes were also top notch with full suspension and disc brakes which means a lot if you’re into the sport. Sol y Luna was also a great hotel, a lovely oasis with a fantastic restaurant
    Andy Tarbuck
  • Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for arranging such an awesome trip for me and Penny, we loved every minute of it. Lares is a beautiful place, and the arrangement worked really wel
    Laura Trace
    Lares trek
  • The whole trip was fantastic, very well thought out and our local guides were just incredibly knowledgeable. Pilar at Colca took us on a 2 hour walk to aim to get acclimatized, ready for our trek. This also allowed for other visitor coaches to clear 'photo points' therefore by the time we finished our walk we had these photo points to ourselves. I cannot believe that originally I was happy to omit Arequipa from my itinerary, which would have been foolish as this area was just so fascinating, so glad you advised me not to miss this part. Elijah at Puno was also very knowledgeable and very interesting learning about the Andean religion, the Uros and Taquile islands were brilliant. Chino (Ruben) on our trek was brilliant, so happy and encouraging even though it rained for 3 days of the trek!!   The nights were cold! However being woken with a cup of coca tea much appreciated each morning. Amazonas Explorer certainly know their business / locality, I can certainly recommend them. My group of fellow travellers were brilliant - we gelled within the first hour and had such humour within the group. Thank you so much for your help in co-ordinating my trip to Peru. with very best wishes Doreen
    Doreen Stephens
  • Amazonas Explorers are worthy of particular mention , our guide , Efrain , was exceptional and along with a good crew made our Inca Trail Trek and visit to Machu Picchu a memorable journey . Nothing was to much trouble and the quality of meals that were prepared and presented each meal time had to be both  seen and eaten to be fully appreciated . Despite the obvious language barriers between ourselves and the crew, ( Efrain's English was excellent ) the warmth of their friendship and desire to help was marvellous.
    Alan Howard
  • The holiday was fantastic, particularly Amazonas Explorers who really made Peru come alive for us. We are hoping to see our guide next year as he is coming over to run the London marathon in April!
    Gareth and Claire Davies
  • This was a wonderful trip. The Amazonas Explorer support crew were great, and the tour guide (Wilo) was knowledgable and courteous. He took good care of the guests. The food was delicious, and the efforts of the porters (campsite set-up, food and drink service, hygiene, etc.) were top-notch. This trip is a great way to see many archeological sites in the region that you just cannot otherwise access. So many people hop on the train to Aguas Calientes, then the bus to Machu Picchu and think they've seen it all, but you're missing so much if you don't trek the trail! The day or two in Cusco was also fun; there are many interesting sights to see there. All-in-all, this was a great experience and I give all credit to the Amazonas Explorer group -- they take care of their guests and forsee and accommodate all contingencies very well
    Connie Varner
  • Thank you for organizing a wonderful trip with such wonderful guides.  Fun and excitement was had by all the family.
    Kathy Martyna
    Family Adventure Peru
  • On behalf of the seven girls, I wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful and unforgettable experience in Peru. Efrain, our guide for most of the trip was always professional and knowledgeable. We all enjoyed having him as our guide.  White water rafting was so much fun! The rafting guides were great and it was nice to get to meet you in person. We were sad to leave but left with great memories and are grateful for the opportunity that Amazonas Explorer provided.
    Jennifer Block
  • We took a tour with your company on the 30th and 1st of May just gone. We were introduced to one of the most amazing places on earth by what can only be described as one of the most amazing people on earth! Wilfredo was an excellent tour guide and we couldn’t leave South America without thanking him for his knowledge, guidance and utter mental sense of humour. It goes without saying that it is the people that make the tour and indeed Wilfredo made ours. So from Frieda and Sueanne I would like to say thanks again for a fantastic tour and the privellage of meeting such a wonderful person.
    Susanne Byford
  • The Tambopata was a great trip.  Pepe Negro did a great job keeping us all entertained, safe and in one piece.  He was a great match for our group.  Rebecca and Scott are avid birders as is Pepe Negro so it was interesting receiving an avian education going down the river.  Ron was great company for another viejo.  All in all the chemistry of our group was very good.  So, it was a lucky trip to draw. Both Pepe and Efraim did a spectacular job on the technical parts of the Tambo.  Given the low to moderate water level both Ron and I gave the "monsters" IV+ to V.  I think that Pepe was glad to have four pretty competent river paddlers aboard through a lot of the stuff in the canyon.  I got some great shots of Efraim and the cargo boat coming down through monster III.  Once I am in home port and settled I will send some shots down. Edgardo did a great job getting our crew over the pass and down to San Juan del Oro and Putina for the put in.  There was some very impressive class IV mud driving that night.  It was a spectacular descent via Cuyo Cuyo and the pre-Inca terraces.  That entire drive, though challenging, is a real unpolished gem. From a fishing standpoint, Scott Hauser did land a Paco which probably went 30 to 35 lbs.  It made a delicious meal.  Other than that the fishing was pretty quiet but we certainly threw everything in the tackle box at those critters on the way down.  I did pick up some local intel about fishing the Tambo once we got down to P. Maldonado. Carol Thomas did a nice job setting me up with connections in Lima, and accomodations at both the Castellena in Lima and Casa de la Gringa in Cuzco.  Both were exactly what I was looking for.  Good job Carol. In summary, I felt the Tambopata was a great experience and a good taste of the Selva.  I gained a good respect for how easy it would be to 'eat your lunch' in that country.  A good place to have competent leadership Thanks again for a great trip.  Your group did a professional job from beginning to end.
    Joe Fullop
    Raft the Tambopata
  • Many thanks for organising our speedy departure from Peru yesterday, we just made it to the border on time and safely arrived in La Paz, and to the comfort and luxury of the Europa Hotel, which is hugely welcome after the last few days on the lake! We all had an amazing time in Peru, it was truly wonderful and memorable, many thanks to both Carol and yourself for organising a fabulous and varied trip for us which we shall all treasure. And yes you are right we only did scratch the surface after 52 days and we hope to be back one day!
    Serena Bolton
    Family Adventure Peru
  • Hi Paul Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your team for organising a great day rafting for us in Cuzco, we really enjoyed ourselves.
    Sophie Tolley
    Raft the Urubamba
  • I just wanted to thank you personally. We had an amazing holiday and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the itinerary. The trip was excellently planned and went without a hitch. All the staff/guides were very helpful and friendly (especially Carlos and Nilo) and helped to make the trip one we will remember for a long time.
  • “Amazonas Explorer came recommended and I will certainly be passing this recommendation on to anybody I know thinking of visiting Peru.
    Iain McGuffie
    Machu Picchu Multi-sport
  • On behalf of Hennie as well I just want to thank you so much for our Peru trip that was so absolutely wonderfully organized. Not a thing went wrong. All our travel arrangements and pick ups were there in time and the transport you organized for us in Peru were excellent. The accommodation was good and very comfortable as well. So were our guides. It was an extraordinary experience for both of us and I am so glad that I went all credit should go to you. Louis was a wonderful tour leader and looked after us like his own family
    Linette Ferreir
  • Of all the days we spend in Peru, including the beauty of Machu Picchu, we most fondly remember the 3 days of adventure between Cuzco and Puerto Maldonado! When we met other travelers and Peruvian people afterwards and told them about our trip they were looking at us as if we were aliens; most of them never heard of a trip like this, but they all were impressed and it always gave us a good conversation! We hope that Carlos and Edgar made it back safely and sound to Cuzco after your farewell drink in Wasai Lodge. Please pass them our fond memories and mucho mucho thanks. We cannot express how much we enjoyed it! And thank you all for a well organized trip.Hope we have a chance to come back one day to enjoy more!
    Huub, Ghislaine, Loulou and Yasha van Luyt Breda
  • It was a wonderful and totally unforgettable experience, so great that I am already thinking about the next time & trying to work out how to make it possible to visit your country again!
    Tana Kruger
  • The trip was fantastic. The quality of the service was excellent. It adds to the holiday, when you are not required to engage your brain for 2 weeks. The collection and delivery and spoon feeding amozonas did made the holiday very easy.
    Alison Boyer
  • Pilar and Geraldo were very nice, very friendly, very knowledgeable and very helpful. The transportation and lodging were excellent. The time alloted to each activity was also perfect. We weren't too rushed, and we all enjoyed the down time at the Colca Lodge in the afternoons. Kudos to your whole team for putting this together.
    Jeff Bushman
  • My wife and I appreciated very much the quality of the guides and Douggie's unflappable good humour served us very well as did his knowledge of things Peru
    Ron Legg