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  • All of our equipment, guides, and routes are thoroughly tested and of a world-class standard.
  • We take extra measures to ensure our guides, porters, cooks, and trekking staff are well cared for, well paid, and have safe working conditions.
  • We have almost 40 years of experience in finding new routes, and we offer some rarely visited adventures because of this.
  • We are fully licensed and insured with all of our activities and equipment (unfortunately, the exception, not the rule in Peru).
  • All our guides are trained to think on their feet and with contingency plans if there is an emergency, or just a change of plan.
  • We offset all carbon produced by your trip
  • We are a certified B-Corp, 1% For The Planet Member & Member of Travelers Against Plastic


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See What Our Past Traveler's Have to Say

  • I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you what a wonderful guide Ruben has been already. His stories, attention to detail, and love for the land and his people are powerful.  Just as important is his pride in your organization; how you treat the chefs, drives, and the “my wykey” porters (no idea how to spell the word :-).  It is very encouraging in a world where kindness and care are the exceptions, not the rule and it’s only day one!! ]
    Warm Regards, Cathi
    Our team of travel experts created Nelson's own personalized adventure according to his preferences. If you would like to do the same, get in contact with one of our experts, and see what we can create for you.
    C Nelson, August 2019
  • It was a busy trip but there was a lot to see and experience so one expects to try and fit in as much as possible. It was very well organized and well run, the staff were pleasant and very helpful. The camping and trekking were above expectation. Can´t believe we had so many helpful staff and the food was superb especially for the distance covered and terrain. Exceeded all my expectations. Our guide was fantastic- well informed and knowledgeable about all aspects of the towns and country. Humorous and interacted with the group very well. Efrain was exceptional and we really got to enjoy the trip so much with his knowledge and experiences. The best! Some trekking days were easier than expected and others quite tough but this was expected. It was a privilege to have been on such an incredible journey. Everything was wonderful, I enjoyed the whole trip and experience.
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    5 day Inca Trail
  • We normally prefer traveling independent of any guides/tours, but with the current Covid restrictions and things changing so quickly we figured it was best to hire a tour company. This was the best decision we could make. Amazonas Explorers helped us create a custom itinerary perfect for all members of our family with the right mix of history, adventure, and culture. Our main guide Cristobal was so helpful and beyond being really good at being a tour guide he is also just a genuinely caring person. There were also a number of activity-specific guides throughout the trip that were equally friendly and professional. These guides have been out of work for over a year with the effects of Covid on tourism so it was evident they were so happy to receive new guests to their country. Now is the perfect time to travel before the swarms of tourists return and Amazonas Explorers is the company to hire.
    Make your own adventure, just like Jared. Send us your ideas here and let us craft your dream vacation.
    Jared Salter
  • Hi Just a thank you for the great trip we had on the trail, with Jimmy and in the rainforest with Pepe, plus a special thanks for sorting the flight issues we had, getting out of Puerto Maldonado as we had two flights cancelled.
    Check out Bob's adventure through the Amazon to Machu Picchu and see for yourself why he loved it so much.
  • Carol, We truly had a wonderful trek on the Inca Trail, thanks to your company. Chino and the other staff were terrific. Please do not hesitate to refer potential clients to us for recommendations. Thanks so much for a trip of a lifetime.  
    Check out Jeff and Danyelle's adventure, the incredible 5-day Inca Trail trek to the world-famous Machu Picchu.
    Jeff and Danyelle
  • Everything was well organized and friendly, the staff very friendly, competent and helpful. I could not have asked for a better guide. Friendly, fun, well-educated, well-spoken, fun to be around. The highlights were good friends- appreciating nature and beautiful country and the prepared tents with sleeping bags and inners. All the organization was 100%
    Check out Patty's adventure, our Lares Trek to Machu Picchu here.
  • Fantastic, highly professional and well organized service. I have used Amazonas Explorer for personal trips- kayaking and rafting on Laguna Huaypo and the Rio Apurimac, e-biking trips, mountain biking trips, hikes to Incan ruins. I have also used them for Activities and Social Service projects with students from the school I work at in Lima- tree planting for carbon offset, kayaking and stand up paddle-boarding activities on Laguna Piuray and Laguna Huaypo. Good quality equipment, high standard of instruction and very close attention to the safety of my students.
    Check out any of John's adventures, from biking through the Sacred Valley to Kayaking and Rafting, and other kinds of watersports.
    John Vincent
  • All the excursions that Amazonas organized were very good. We enjoyed the Kayaking despite the weather not being great that day. It was incredibly well organized and the guide who did that with us was fantastic. they cooked an excellent lunch cooked by the lake which was great. The salt mine was well worth a visit and was fascinating. All the hikes were a great success particularly the one ending up in Ollantaytambo at an amazing organic farm/distillery/restaurant called El Albergue where we had a traditionally cooked meal, a Pachamanca. It was a spectacular day, possibly our best. The hike to the Sun Gate was a great success though we found it quite tough despite the fact that we are reasonably fit and had done several hikes at altitude in the preceding days. It was a great way to see the ruins but we were absolutely shattered at the end. Our guide was excellent both at explaining the local flora and fauna but also pacing us and coaching us when we were getting tired. It took us 5 hours. There were very few people on it until we got very close to Machu Picchu and we were really glad we had done it. It was a good recommendation.
    Ashley's adventure was created by a travel expert according to their interests and passions. If you want to do the same, get in touch with one of our experts today.
  • The team that looked after us was very special. Signor Domingo who led the muleteers was fantastic. Edwar is a genuine man and a great guide.
    Check out Colin's adventure, the incredible Choquequirao trek, leading to forgotten Inca Ruins high in the mountains.
  • Cristo was excellent. Very knowledgeable and easy pace with lots of detail- a first-class guide. The kids enjoyed the chocolate museum and Machu Picchu. The climb of Waynapicchu is a highlight and the salt ponds were great. Ollantaytambo was also lovely. The bike ride was ok but it didn´t really lead anywhere to see anything, so could be improved or replaced.
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    Family trip