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Why Adventure with Amazonas Explorer?

  • We came to Peru in the 80’s as kayakers, mtn. bikers, rafters, trekkers, and adventurers. We’ve been on the frontlines developing routes, making first descents, and helping develop safety standards for adventures sports in Peru for almost 30 years. This edge gives us a unique insight that is key for transformative travel experiences.
  • Equipment, safety and guides can make or break a trip. Being outdoor enthusiasts ourselves we have the best fleets of rafts, e-bikes, mtn. bikes, and supporting equipment in all of Cusco and we invest heavily in the training of our guides for a seamless trip from start to finish. Click Here to learn more.
  • We have the only water adventure center at Lake Huaypo, located only 30 minutes from Cusco and a perfect base to explore the Inca ruins around the Sacred Valley.
  • The informal tourism sector in Peru is over 70%. By going with a formal business, you are ensuring fair wages and treatment of employees and sustainable practices to prevent damage caused by overuse to popular sites. We hold all relevant licenses, certifications, permits and liability insurance to run our adventures in Peru. Click Here to learn about our ethics.
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    See What Our Past Explorer's Have to Say

    • John Leivers, who worked with the adventure outfitter Amazonas Explorer convinced me to sign up for a five-day itinerary instead of the more popular four-day trip. I understood John's reasoning the next day when, after a relaxed afternoon of hiking along the Urubamba River, we arrived at the ruins of Patallacta. After a quick bath in the ice-cold stream, our Peruvian guide Efrain Valles led me into the ruins for a tour by flashlight. ....In the late afternoon, we approached a set of stone steps that vanished into the tropical greenery above. "You go first, Mark," Efrain said, suppressing a smile. "Let me know what you see up there. "At the top of the stairs the foliage parted and I turned left into a bright patch of sunlight. There I was greeted with a final surprise from the Inca geniuses who'd built this trail centuries before. Unfolding before me was a postcard come to life — the dazzling white stone city of Machu Picchu.
      Mark Adams
      Author of “Turn Right at Machu Picchu”
    • Just to say that everything went perfectly on our weekend trip to Llactapata, so thanks so much for arranging that - and the vodka was really appreciated!! Peter, the director, also commented on how smoothly it all went and how good the staff and food were. We were lucky with the weather, the solstice did exactly what it was supposed to do, and aren´t the views from there amazing? Will speak to you soon, but just wanted to write quickly to say thanks.
      Adrian Gallop
      National Geographic
    • Amazonas Explorer are an ideal travel company - committed, knowledgeable and adventurous - with whom I have often travelled and always been impressed.
      Hugh Thomson
      Author of “The White Rock”
    • If you want the best of Peru, these are the guys to go with. They love what they do and, if you want adventure, so will you. In my view, the best adventure company in Peru.
      Martha Holmes
      Wildlife producer
    • Paul Cripps and his team at Amazonas Explorer worked with us to set up our filming in different locations across Peru for the TV series ‘Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Challenge’. They were extremely thorough, efficient and professional and their knowledge of the country and ability to make things happen at short notice proved invaluable for ensuring a successful shoot.
      Alistair Smith
      TV Director “Robson Green Extreme Fishing”
      Channel 5
    • This is to extend my strongest recommendation, to those seeking a guide in Peru, for having Efrain Valles as a tour guide. Our group of 13 all had an outstanding experience in Arequipa, Puno, Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Each and every one of us was honored and grateful to have a guide who was thoughtful, cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. He is a true ambassador for the Andean culture and its relationship to nature, and communicated great enthusiasm for his work and for his nation.
      David Bingham
      Grandson of Hiram Bingham, discover of Machu Picchu
    • I’ve gone on two Amazonas Explorers trips and, as far as I’m concerned, they are the best trip organizers in Peru. One of the trips was the standard Inca trail hike, pulled off flawlessly; the other was taking inflatable kayaks on muleback to the headwaters of the Tuichi River in Madidi National Park in Bolivia, then kayaking for a week down to the river’s mouth. I’ve known the owner, Paul Cripps, for more than two decades—if he hasn’t personally hiked it, biked it, floated it or climbed it—then it probably simply can’t be done!
      Kim MacQuarrie
      author of The Last Days of the Incas